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Psychotherapy offers a neutral, safe and confidential space to explore all kinds of mental, emotional and psychological issues you may be experiencing in your life.

It is a unique opportunity and environment in which to discuss and evaluate both your problems and your potential in life.

Psychotherapy allows for a deep exploration of life themes, and a chance to be understood and to understand yourself more truly and more clearly.

There are many reasons why someone might seek the support of a psychotherapist: depression, anxiety, relationship problems etc. Some people come to examine their internal life more closely, to try to gain insight into the meaning of their moods and actions, and reflect upon behavioural patterns that seem to repeat throughout life.

Whether you need support with more acute feelings that seem overwhelming, or whether you are just interested in what makes you tick, psychotherapy could help.


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About my practice

I work in a building near the top of Whiteladies Road in Bristol and charge £50 per session.


I am a qualified psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Humanistic and
Integrative Psychotherapy.

I trained for seven years at BCPC (Bath Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy), on one of the most comprehensive and thorough integrative psychotherapy programmes available in the UK.

I am registered and accredited by UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy), the UK's leading professional body for psychotherapists, meaning I have met and am required to maintain the highest possible standards of practice.

I have been working in private practice since 2010 and have 5 years experience working part-time as a psychotherapist in the NHS.

What kind of psychotherapist am I?

I offer caring yet focused and informed attention, facilitating a joint process that will help you find your own answers, in your own words. We sit together in one of my private, quiet consulting rooms. As a therapist I am present and engaged, entering into an exploration and dialogue with you about your experiences and feelings. Within this supportive atmosphere, we work together to reach understanding and clarity about your current circumstances.

My training is integrative, meaning that I draw from a number of different important theories. My practice is firmly based upon humanistic principles, which emphasise each individual's innate human potential and their capacity for self-determination. I acknowledge and work with unconscious processes and reflect on how past experiences affect the present, an approach based on psychoanalytic perspectives developed from Freud's initial ideas. I have a keen interest in relational psychotherapy and intersubjectivity theory, which in short means I work hard to understand my client's subjectivity as one that is unique in the world and present in relationship with me. My view is that all these schools of thought have much to offer, but I would be against following any singular theory dogmatically.

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